On Photography

Typography • Book Layout

📋 Overview
On Photography is a collection of essays published in 1977, and it is written by Susan Sontag, an American writer and political activist. In this book, Sontag interprets photography as the unlimited power of capturing the world and experience. She relates the opinions and ideas of photography in the past to show how the use of photography has shifted in modern society (in the 1970s). This book embraces the various views on photography related to other factors including philosophy. To show different perspectives on the 1970s photography, I included two contents, On Photography by Susan Sontag and Ways of Seeing by John Berger, and designed the book. 

✍️ Role
Typesetting, Book Design
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👩‍💻 Team
Duration / Year
3 weeks, 2021

 💡 Takeaways & Learnings
  • I was able to present the book concept based on the research.
  • It was a good typesetting and layout practice.


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