Math Museum

Museum Rebranding
Dec 2022

Brand Identity
Concept + Research
Logo Design

Math Museum is a museum located in New York with a concept of math in everywhere. It is open to every age groups, but it especially targets teenagers and young adults (14-25) who are interested how math is used in different areas.

The logo reflects the simplicity and geometric pattern that can be applied to various applications. People can subscribe to their monthly magazine (M2 — Math Magazine). There are many math-related activities and special events.

InDesign | Figma | Illustrator | After Effects

Story Behind Colors
Blue is the primary color for Math Musueum identity. It represents the logical and rule-based aspects of math. This blue is the identity of the Math Museum.

The secondary colors are green and purple, which are the mixed color of blue and another primary color. The secondary colors symbolize the idea of math applied to other world such as sound, visual art, and other daily life.


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